Emily Wind

Third-year Journalism student from NSW, Australia

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Hello! My name is Emily Wind and I am a journalist student from NSW, Australia.

I started writing my first blog at ten years of age, publishing content regularly for eight years. I later created a new blog and across the two platforms, amassed a total pageview count of almost 1 million. I have written for DOLLY Magazine, the Hunter Business Review and HUNTERHunter, and was featured on an episode of 'My Great Big Adventure' on the ABC.

I am currently studying Communication (Journalism) at the University of Newcastle, and am Deputy Managing Editor of the student-run 'Yak Media'. You can read my posts here.

Contact: emilywindwrites@gmail.com



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'My Great Big Adventure'ABC, Series 2 Episode 4, 2015

'Message in a Blog' – Girlfriend Magazine, April 2014

'Crafty Girl in a Material World' – Peppermint Magazine, Issue 12, 2011

'Meet Emily Jane'DOLLY Magazine, April 2014

'TG's Top Fashion Bloggers'Total Girl, November 2013


News bulletin created as part of my TV Journalism course CMNS3333. View in HD here.

News package created as part of my TV Journalism course CMNS3333. View in HD here.